Monday, January 4, 2010


"We can't change. We can either hide or emerge." I saw that quote the other day. It goes along with a thought/rumination of late. We try to control EVERYTHING in our lives. Why. Because we are afraid of dying. Afraid of death. But it is only with our limited learned thinking that we have LEARNED to be afraid of death. I still am. (really, we are afraid of who we really are. We have forgotten that this human thing is just the tip of the iceberg) Because I can't seem to see beyond the veil. Can't seem to really KNOW that I am in this world but not of it. But I see now that it is because I am trying so darned hard to see beyond the veil. Reading, reading, reading. Trying to GET IT ALL NOW. Trying to control my life by researching...all the while avoiding being in it. Now. I see this is like a forgotten muscle that I must exercise every day to get back in shape. Because I relax, remember, and emerge one moment, then forget the next. It's quite an irony for me to be trying so hard to learn not to try so hard.When really all I am doing is vacillating between hiding and emerging. That's all there is. I have no real control over anything except the way I feel. Trying to control situations is hiding. I am getting there more often that I used to. The way I feel is becoming more and more important, and more and more simple. I feel "off" therefore I am not in alignment. I look at why I feel off? It is ALWAYS, ALWAYS because I am focusing away from my Self. We are always one thought away from inner peace and alignment. That's it. Hide or emerge. Control or let go. Focus out or focus withIN. Choose a better thought in this moment. Choose a better thought in this moment, now choose a better thought in this moment. Feel better now. That's it. Keep the focus on yourself. It is our Selves we are hiding from. Our Self is always there, joyously perfect and whole. We hide from it by our thought choices. We can emerge in this life, or not. No biggie. Our Self won't change, it will just keep on flowing to the next adventure.
..after I wrote this I went to one of my favorite websites and this says it so much better than me!