Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A Blooming Riot!

There seems to be more fall flowers this year than I have ever seen before, and many types that I have never seen. The bees are having a ball, and so am I, sticking my lens in their poor little faces! I wonder why this is? My yard looks more like spring than fall. It is truly magical.

The True Meaning of Chipmunk Cheeks

Everybody's getting ready for winter! I went on a new hike this morning, the Dude (he's not letting me mention his name on my blog.....conspiracy theorist) and I found it last week and there are killer views! Anyway, I saw this cute little fat cheeked guy! Then I tried all sorts of close-ups and I am amazed at how well my new camera takes them. (There is a cat's tail across the keyboard as I try to type! Tito's a mama's boy.) When snow falls up in the mountains the view shot is going to be gorgeous! Now if I can just avoid getting shot by the hunters. I wish there were hunter-free zones. I am listening to Karen Drucker's music. I love her! I think her site is karendrucker.com. Have a great day! All is well.

Monday, September 29, 2008

An Indian Summer Cruise

Pam and Dan, my friends and the owners of Northwest Handmade, invited me out on their fabulous new boat for a sunset cruise. I can't believe we are still out on the lake (without a jacket!!!) at the end of September! It was simply deeeee-vine. Views of Roman Nose Mountain and the Seven Sisters were spectacular but I'm still learning this camera so my photos stunk. Oh well. They also have the 2 cutest dogs on the planet, Hunter and Peaches. It was definitely one of those "I can't believe I live here" moments. Thank you Pam and Dan!! By the way, it is supposed to be in the 70's and 80's all week. I sure do dig this!!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Fall is in the air!

After not having any seasons for 15 years, it thrills me to see the changes up here. Right now the chickadees are raiding the sunflowers that were volunteers from last winter's bird feeders. I only feed them in the winter because of bears. So after the bears go to sleep, the birds get a party! (I also did my research and they have plenty of food around here in the spring and summer) Another great fall sign is that the Stellar's Jays come back and spend the whole winter with us. They mimic the scream of a hawk and scare everybody else away from the feeder. Photos of them will be on my list this winter! Have a great day!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Am I really a blogger?

Well, thanks to Judy Miller (http://rareplantnursery.blogspot.com/ ) I have been talked into blogging and sharing my photos as I learn about life in the woods, with snow and seasons, after 15 years in the Caribbean! Here are my latest photos with my new camera of the fall flowers and foliage in my yard. Thank you for looking!