Sunday, December 21, 2008

Here Comes the Sun

Another great thing about my new life away from the tropics is that I can now appreciate the solstice again. What a thrill today to think that the days are now getting longer and longer and our sun is making its way back up to our neck of the woods. For sure a day to celebrate! I love really feeling a part of this natural cycle again. The cycles were there on St. John, certainly, but verrrrrrry subtle. I would like to think of this as a rebirth for the planet and humanity, too, and all of us who are laid off and struggling having a whole new world to wake up to and a new form of life here to create. I have a feeling life as we know it is no longer and the programming of the past is obsolete. Which is a very good thing even though right now it might seem scary. So here are some beautiful beings who graced me with their presence and I am so grateful! Happy Solstice and inner peace to all!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Solar Holiday!

I got solar powered holiday lights and I am so thrilled with them! There is a spot on our property that people can see down in the valley as they drive along the road. I tried one year with another type and somebody...a furry somebody...must have gotten caught up in the wires and chewed them to pieces! So that only lasted a few days. I hope these last longer! I'm not a religious celebrator of Christmas, but the lights are so beautiful.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Conehead Buddha!

We finally got our snow! And this (so far) has been the "perfect storm"....that kind where is is cold enough so the snow is powder and easy to shovel. And SUNNY! Now the temp is dropping and we are supposed to get high winds, drifting snow, and in the MINUS TEENS! Eeek! The dude is out snow blowing and the cats spent a few minutes at their window seats absorbing the "new world", then went back to their sprawl in front of the fire. I went out and shoveled and then took photos like mad. Check out Conehead Buddha! We got about a foot and a half of snow...I think it might even be good enough for snow shoeing! I might take my first snow shoe trek up Grizzly Trail today. I named it that because until this last summer, I had seen the trail but had decided in my head that I certainly would get eaten by grizzlies if I went that far from home. WELL, then curiosity got the best of me and I found the most beautiful overlook up there! I imagined immediately it would be a perfect goal for snowshoeing...with a thermos of vanilla cappuccino, of course. Now I will do my Google magnet thing..... personalized stone jewelry, engraved stones, river stones, Rock Steady Stone Wear, hand made Christmas ornaments, hand made Christmas ornaments,hand made Christmas ornaments,hand made Christmas ornaments!!! Peace!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Rock Steady!

I've been having a ball lately making tons of art stuff for Northwest Handmade
lots of Sculpey clay Christmas ornaments and these fun Dog Bars. I have been just focusing on creating, and seeing that as I focus on what I love, the magic comes. Also, I am seeing that no matter what we "do", being human is about living with cycles. Everything on this planet has a cycle. Our emotional life runs in cycles. I need to remember to not take the down times so seriously. As my mom always tried to drum into my head, THIS TOO SHALL PASS...and it always does. So why freak out about it? Just make my art and relax and flow through it. I just wrote to my website goddess and am going to add my ornaments so keep your eye on
for them. Or order now! They are $15 including shipping. Dog Bars are $40 including shipping. OK now I am going to do that thing where I write all my key words so Google picks up on it! Have a great day!! Go with the flow! Take yourself lightly!

Handmade Christmas ornaments! Personalized stone accessories! Stone necklaces! Stone key rings! Engraved stones! thanks!!!