Tuesday, December 8, 2009


...Been on quite a quest to find my Self. Realized it was ME who left IT. Forgot why I came here. Got caught up in the outside world of shoulds and shouldn'ts and shame and guilt. The sad habit of comparison. Each day as I remember who I am, I find pieces of me that I didn't even know I had the right to claim. I am delighting in the concept that I am a sovereign being, visiting this planet to enjoy all it offers. Nothing and nobody outside of myself has the power to affect who I am and how I feel, it is all a choice I make. Just like exercising a muscle, I can exercise this remembrance, this choice of sovereignty, until it is as natural as breathing. There is no good and bad, just experience and remembrance. Like this snowflake- it contains all of the knowledge of the universe within it. It doesn't question or doubt itself or wonder what the other snow flakes are thinking of it. It just is. I fancied the idea of finally letting go of the banks of the river of life and flowing with it. Now I see that not only am I the let-er go-er, I am the river, AND the banks. Then I forget a little....then I remember again and it is all that much more beautiful than before.

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