Sunday, January 4, 2009

Think Yourself Free

This photo taken yesterday certainly reflects the mood I am creating for myself today. I am creating feelings of doubt, darkness, fear. I say "creating" thanks to my first mentor, Bonny. (I mean my first one after my mother) She studied with Ken Keyes and when I worked with her at 23-30 years old she gave these teachings to me and to anyone else who would listen. The venue was the wonderful Luscious Licks vegetarian restaurant on St. John. The general idea is the profound truth that we create our lives through thought. People don't do things TO us. Things don't happen TO us. People don't "make us feel" a certain way. We CHOOSE to react or to think in a certain way. The same situation can be different to each human depending on how they THINK about it. Ken Keyes' book, The Handbook to Higher Consciousness, is one I carry with me everywhere and read over and over again...and each time I learn something new. Another major truth from it is to KEEP THE FOCUS ON YOUR SELF. Any time we feel misery, we can stop, look within, and see that we have thrown our energy out of our center and are projecting outward into the illusion of separation. There is no such thing as loneliness if we are at home in our true self and live from that perspective. Well....I was going to talk about my mood but by just reflecting on this I already feel better! Ha! Bonny sounded like a broken record to me quite often: "Keep the focus on your Self" "Keep the focus on your Self" "Keep the focus on your Self"!!! But here I am 17 years later and it is finally sinking in and now I am a broken record to whoever will listen! (do they even know what a "broken record" sounds like?!?!) Bonny came into my life right after my mom died. In some way I am grateful that my mother checked out that early in my life because it catapulted me into the big questions of existence and a quest for awakening rather early in life. So actually, this photo doesn't "reflect my mood", this photo is me. This photo is whatever I think it is. This photo is deeeeeeeevine!

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Laurie said...

I love this! I always hear you in my head.... "keep the focus on yourself" haha! so true! Thank you for being fabulous!!!